Starlux is a new amusement center which serves 7 days of the week with the latest sound and screen technology, 5 cinema halls (Mars VIP, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptun). Also includes a Bar and a Cafeteria where you can relax and eat while waiting the movie!

For Reservation: +90 (392) 444 3 777. 

You can book tickets by phone, but the reservations are automatically cancelled 30 minutes before the movie starts. Make sure you come 30 minutes before the session starts!


before 20:00 Child/Student 2D –  20TL
before 20:00 ADULT 2D – 24TL
after 20:00 Child/student/ADULT  2D –  24TL

before 20:00 Child/Student 3D –  22TL
before 20:00 ADULT 3D – 26TL
after 20:00 Child/student/ADULT  3D –  26TL


Full leather seats (as comfortable as airplanes VIP seats) with two armrests on each seat will make you go through a new experience while you enjoy watching new movies.



Full leather seats where two people can sit together, also known as love seats. Makes you relaxed and feel comfortable while watching movies.


before 20:00 ADULT 2D – 66TL (maximum 2 person/sofa)
after 20:00 ADULT  2D –  66TL (maximum 2 person/sofa)

before 20:00 ADULT 3D – 70TL (maximum 2 person/sofa)
after 20:00 ADULT  3D –  70TL (maximum 2 person/sofa)